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The most comprehensive all-in-one cloud solution for the hospital sector in Germany

The clinic sector of the German healthcare market is characterised by many different market participants. Our goal is to create transparency between all participants. With its cloud-based software solution "biFOCUS-Klinik", BI&I has created the most comprehensive data, information and analysis platforms for the clinic sector in Germany. Hospitals, payers, pharmaceutical, medical technology and consulting companies as well as scientific and political institutions use biFOCUS-Klinik. From controlling to market access, sales to medical science, business consulting and other disciplines can analyse their markets and questions on the basis of the most diverse data sources brought together in biFOCUS-Klinik.

For hospitals

We support hospitals in positioning themselves in their local market. Intelligently linked data from a wide range of sources enable holistic observations (competition, population, economic development) and the development of individual strategies for success. More …


For industry

Which hospitals or departments provide the services relevant to my products? How have the case numbers in your own areas developed over the years? biFOCUS-Klinik presents the entire inpatient and outpatient service activities of hospitals in Germany.

Large investments require competent and fact-based advice, which hospitals expect from their suppliers. The informative overall picture from the data linked in biFOCUS-Klinik creates the necessary transparency. More …

For consultants

It doesn't matter whether you need national or local figures or analyses at the hospital or department level. With biFOCUS-Klinik, the complete German §108 SGB V hospital market is available to you in the form of objective data, with a broad spectrum of information from a wide range of sources, intelligently linked and intuitive to use. Use our all-in-one cloud solution, which you can access 24/7 from anywhere, for your data- and thus fact-based analyses. More …


For health insurances & politics

For the planning and evaluation of hospital care at the state but also at the national level, biFOCUS-Klinik with e.g. its special benchmarking functions is a predestined tool. The consideration of operational as well as economic aspects at all levels enables the objective evaluation of the care of the population, also under socio-demographic aspects. More …

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